Sternhall Times: March





Pharmacy First

The Pharmacy First Service will enable community pharmacists to complete episodes of care for patients without the need of visiting the GP. This service will replace what was formally known as Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS). The service enables the pharmacy to manage common conditions such as; ear ache, impetigo, insect bites, shingles and sore throat. They can offer urgent repeat medicine supply and can do NHS referrals for minor illness.

Ropharm chemist and Boots are among the pharmacies that have joined the scheme. When you ask be referred we can also check if other pharmacies are signed up. The pharmacies can now offer treatment for more conditions including skin rashes, Cystitis, Sinusitis and stings. If you would like to be referred to your local pharmacy, please get in touch with the surgery.


When calling the surgery (February)

As you are aware, Sternhall Lane is a very busy practice but we wanted to re-assure you that we prioritise the phone calls that come in. 

In the month of February, we took more than 2,500 calls, with our average queuing time of two minutes.

We also offer a call back system, so you have the option for us to call you back when you are at the front of the queue.

If you think there is anything we could do to improve our call times, please feel free to raise this during our next PPG meeting. Once the next meeting has been confirmed, we send out an invite and put the date on the Sternhall Lane website.


This year, Mother’s day falls on 10th March.

It’s a day to celebrate mothers in countries throughout the world. We honour our mothers and mother figures such as grand mothers, step-mothers and mother-in-laws. We also want to honour the mothers that have lost their children. 

mother and baby


From our pharmacy team

At the surgery, we care about you staying healthy during Ramadan. The pharmacy team can support with how to manage medicines for those observing Ramadan.

During fasting, our body changes in how we use and preserve energy and this can affect the medicines that we take and the time of day they should be taken. Managing chronic conditions such as diabetes can be challenging. Some people may not participate due to health reasons.

If you take prescribed medicine during Ramadan: please consult your GP or practice pharmacist if any adjustments need to be made.

If you are diabetic and want to fast, please consult with the GP/diabetic nurse on the safest way to do this.


Awareness days

1st to 31st March 2024 - Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Ovarian Cancer awareness month - when diagnosed early, a women’s chances of survival doubles from 46% to more than 90%. Fundraising/ donating means more can be done to improve early diagnosis and fund more life saving research. This can also affect men but is less common.

For more information, please visit the Macmillan website

Ramadan Mubarak!

In 2024, Ramadan will begin on the evening of 11th March and end on the evening of 9th April.

This is followed by the celebration of Eid-El-Fitr for 3 days (subject to the sighting of the moon). During this month, Muslims will fast from dawn to sunset and completely abstain from food, drinking and smoking. This is also a time of self-reflection and evaluation.

Published: Mar 8, 2024