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July Edition




From Our Pharmacy Team

During the summer, its important to stay safe in the hot weather. When it’s too hot, people become dehydrated, overheated and in extreme cases, develop heatstroke. Heatstroke is where the body is no longer able to cool down and the body temperature becomes dangerously high.

If you think someone has heatstroke you should dial 999 and then try to cool them down.

Top tips for coping in the hot weather:

  1. Keep out of the sun during the hottest times of the day (11am to 3pm)
  2. Drink plenty of fluids and linit you alcohol intake
  3. Keep your home cool by closing windows and curtains in rooms that face the sun
  4. Apply sunscreen liberally and frequently if outside
  5. Seek shade and wear appropriate clothing including hats and sunglasses. 

See more information about seasonal health online



July is plastic-free month. This is a global movement that encourages people to reduce their plastic consumption for the whole month. We can be part of the solution to plastic pollution. This is so we can have cleaner streets, oceans and live on a better planet. 


Healthy Fair in September

Join us for our community healthy fair on 9th September 2023. You will get the chance to meet the team, discover new services, get a free NHS vital 5 check, get NHS app and digital pathway demonstrations and get information about community services. We hope to see you there!


Peckham Library

Peckham library has been closed due to necessary refurbishment. It is due to be re-opened on Friday 21st July. The library offers a variety of weekly and monthly activates for adults. 

For more information about the library, see their website online.


Health Visitor

Our health visitor Kehinde is back at the surgery. She will be here every other Wednesday.

If you would like your child to be seen by her, please call the surgery to book an appointment.


Fun Health Facts

  • Laughing can increase blood flow by 20%
  • Antioxidants in chocolate improve blood flow and protect against UV damage
  • Tea can lower risks of heart attacks, certain cancers, type 2 diabetes and Parkinson's disease

Published: Jul 17, 2023