My Planned Care




To improve access to care for those with a long term condition needing a yearly review, we have created a rapid eConsult (online consultation) to help patients start their care planning with a clinician.

The benefits of completing your planned care template are:

  • Better health management
  • Continuity of care
  • Reducing the time spent managing your long-term condition
  • Specialised care from the correct healthcare professional

Frequently asked questions:

Why do I need to do a template?

Completing the template in advance of your planned care review allows the clinical team to ensure your review process is as smooth as possible. Once your template is received, the team are able to update your record and begin coordinating the steps of your review. For some patients, this may just be 1 appointment with the appropriate clinician. For others, this will involve ordering blood tests and arranging the appointment for these, then coordinating the follow up review with one or multiple clinicians as required.

Why can it not be done all at once? Why do I need to see multiple clinicians?

Depending on the condition we are reviewing, there may be multiple steps involved in a planned care review. Different clinicians are responsible for specific parts of the process, so for some conditions, you will need multiple appointments; or in some cases you’ll to have your blood tests at the local hospital prior to seeing a clinician at the practice.

How often does this need to be done?

Your planned care review for any long-term conditions should be completed annually.

Do I need to see my regular clinician for the review?

You can be booked with any clinician for this - the surgery does have lead clinicians for planned care who you will likely be booked in with. If you have a preference to see a specific clinician/clinicians, please let us know when booking your appointments and the practice will try to accommodate.


Long Term Condition e-Templates

If you received a text message from the practice to complete your planned care review, please complete the review that was advised for you.

It is important that we have up-to-date contact details for you. If you have changed your mobile number or email address recently please let us know with our online form.